Thursday, March 5, 2009

Science Club Q & A

Hi 6th grade science club! I hope everyone did well on their final exams. I wrote a separate post on seawater and density, but here are some answers to your other questions:

Irving – I was seasick, and it was terrible! We had rough seas for a few hours and I felt awful. But now I’m better.

Daniella – I’m eating fish every day, but it’s not local fish. We’re only allowed to go fishing when we’re far away from land or fishing boats, and that’s not too much of the time. We should have some good fishing later on in the cruise though.

Bryan, Nachary, & Andrea – Your cups are safe in my room. I’m going to sink them once we’re out in the Sulu Sea, which is deeper than where we are now. And I promise to take plenty of pictures.

Shaina – I have not seen any sharks, but my friend Drew saw one. I’m sorry that I missed it. But I have seen squid and flying fish.

I do have a sunburn even though I’ve been wearing sunscreen. But it’s not too bad. I’d like to see your barometers when I get back. We have a barometer on the ship too, and right now we’re at 1006.8 millibars.

Life at sea has been very busy because my ADCP cables keep breaking! It’s very frustrating. But at sea, when something breaks, you learn how to fix it. Here’s the rewiring we did:

It was a little like science club, since we didn’t know if it would work until we tried it. I know it looks weird, but it’s holding up so far!

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