Friday, March 6, 2009

The Cups, Part I

The first batch of cups is back! I have to sink them in batches of about 50 because I don’t have a bag big enough to hold them all. We sent them down at station 49, located at 8°45’ N, 122°44’E. Those numbers after the degree symbol are called minutes, and they represent parts of a degree. There are 60 minutes in one degree, just like there are 60 minutes in one hour.

So how did they turn out? Well, here they are in the lab…

And here they are in the bag (the green tape keeps them from getting stuck together)…

And here’s my friend Drew securing them to the CTD frame…

And here they are with my friend Jake’s good-luck bracelet that he wanted sent down too…

And here’s the CTD going into the water…

And here they are, safe on the ship…

And here I am, cutting them off the CTD to bring home to you!

Look how empty the bag seems to be! It’s the same number of cups that I started with; they’re just very small. You know that their size has decreased, what do you think has happened to their density?

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  1. Hi Ms. T! It's class 8A and Ms. Brooks....

    THAT'S CRAZY! (Abby) Thanks for keeping us updated on your travels. We loved the pictures of the cups and it was cool to see the video of the machine entering the water. We have a few questions for you:

    -What happened to your friend Jake's bracelet? Did it shrink? Did it break? Did it remain unchanged?
    -How do the drawings look? Have they changed size too? Can you still read our names?
    -Can we get more data from the big yellow thing (Shaliyah)... AKA the CTD?
    -Will you be going underwater at all too? Can you send cameras underwater?
    -Try to get pictures of wildlife too!
    -What's the next experiment you're going to do?

    Thanks so much Ms. T! We love to hear from you,
    Best wishes,
    8A (A stands for AWESOME)