Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rothera Station

I boarded this ship in Chile, went to Antarctica, and stepped off in

Well, not quite. But it sure seemed that way as our tour guide spoke with a British accent and then invited us all for tea and biscuits. We were at Rothera Research Station, a part of the British Antarctic Survey and now a part of LARISSA.

Four out of our five glaciologists were out in the field when the weather got bad, so our helicopter couldn't pick them up. Instead, the plane from Rothera was able to get them, and they'll be working out of Rothera for the next two weeks. But they needed all of their supplies (including the AMIGOS!), so the ship went to meet them.

I was so excited to get off the ship at Rothera! Working at sea is fun, but it's great to stretch your legs on dry land. We got a tour of the area and saw penguins and seals. In addition to the tea and biscuits (cookies) and a game of football (soccer), we had a big party and all got to relax a bit.

Now we're heading back to the eastern side of the peninsula. We'll have a lot of work to do, but we're all hopeful that the ice will be better and we'll be able to get all the way south.

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